15 years your reliable partner in industrial automation. stepp fabrikautomation

"One stepp ahead" in the field of automated assembly lines and test engineering.
This has been our most important corporate goal for 15 years - and successfully so!

As an innovative special machine builder we classify three major areas of competence

Automated assembly lines

  • Rotary indexing assembly machines
  • Transfer systems
  • Robot cells
  • In-process checks

Forming and joining technology

  • Resistance welding machines / Seam welding machines
  • Friction welding machines / Laser welding machines
  • Machines for pipe machining
  • Cutting, bending and punching tools
  • Tumbling and rivetting tools

Testing devices

  • Testing devices (e.g. force, percolation, leakage, dimensional accuracy)
  • Image processing (e.g. completeness check, dimensional accuracy)
  • Shaker test rigs
  • Crash test rigs